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About The Reflect Group

We have deep expertise in a variety of construction types, such as steel frame, concrete frame, timber frame and traditional forms of build. We have experience in low rise and multi storey construction as well as refurbishment and historic renovation.

We have a youthful and dynamic approach to work, and we firmly believe in delivering traditional customer focused values such as; respect, quality, time control and cost certainty. In our modern ‘must have it yesterday’ society, companies (not just in the construction industry) have lost sight of these core customer values; and we are focusing to deliver these afresh.


Our Team

Our management team and operatives are derived from various renowned national construction firms. This professional platform has been fundamentally important for the formation of our operating and reporting systems. Our management is professionally & degree qualified, and we maintain our intellectual sharpness with Continued Professional Development courses ranging from health & safety regulation updates to ensuring our Environmental, Social & Governance standards are current.

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